Footing Drain Disconnection Background

Within the City of Ann Arbor, there are groups of homes that have experienced basement backup problems. During heavy rainstorms the sanitary system receives a high volume of rain water leading to wastewater backing up from the sanitary sewers through basement floor drains. This wastewater presents a potential health risk and can cause damage to the structure and to belongings stored in the basement. In addition, this excess rainwater/groundwater places a strain on the sanitary sewer system and must be treated at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

To prevent basement backups and to prepare the City to meet current and pending federal and state regulations the City of Ann Arbor has passed an ordinance establishing a program for disconnecting residential and commercial footing drains from the city sanitary sewage collection and treatment system. The City is offering an incentive program to help homeowners pay plumbers to perform this mandated disconnection. This website is designed to help property owners learn about the footing drain disconnection program and the disconnection process.

Neighborhood meeting explaining program to homeowners

Construction work performed outside and
inside the home

Finished Sump